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Hong Kong’s Investment Visa holds significance due to its openness to foreign investors, making it an attractive destination for those seeking to capitalize on the city’s thriving business ecosystem. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a budding investor, understanding the nuances of the Investment Visa is crucial for unlocking the potential opportunities that Hong Kong has to offer.

The Investment Visa Hong Kong is a work permit that permits foreign entrepreneurs to move to Hong Kong. There are two ways for an applicant to obtain an Investment Visa. The first is by investing in a local company, and the second is by establishing and operating their own company in Hong Kong. To be eligible for the Investment Visa, the invested local business or newly incorporated company must substantially contribute to the Hong Kong economy. The new investments in Hong Kong are expected to generate new jobs for the local job market.

Businesses are more likely to succeed if they belong to one of Hong Kong’s “pillar” industries. The “pillar” industries include commerce and logistics, tourism, financial services, professional services, transportation, exhibition, innovative technology, manufacturing, and cultural and creative industries.

Entrepreneurs may also consider investing in government-backed Start-up Businesses. Investment visa Hong Kong applicants are favored due to the rigorous vetting and selection processes common to these programs.

Professional Assistance in the Investment Visa Application Hong Kong

On the journey to secure an investment visa Hong Kong requires meticulous planning, knowledge of immigration laws, and adherence to strict documentation requirements. Navigating the complex landscape of visa applications demands expertise, and this is where the role of a professional immigration consultant becomes indispensable.

The intricacies involved in the investment visa application Hong Kong process can often be overwhelming, with legal complexities, changing regulations, and unique case considerations. Seeking professional assistance ensures that each step is carefully navigated, potential pitfalls are identified, and the application is presented in the most compelling manner possible.

Our Expertise in Investment Visa Application Services

With over 15 years of experience, HKPro has been a stalwart in the immigration consultancy landscape in Hong Kong. Specializing exclusively in immigration and investment visa services, HKPro’s focus allows its dedicated consulting staff to provide tailored assistance, removing bottlenecks associated with bureaucracy often observed in multi-service consulting firms.

Unique Investment Visa Application Hong Kong Approach

HKPro’s approach to Investment Visa services is characterized by a client-centric methodology. Recognizing the individuality of each case, HKPro tailors its services to meet the unique needs and circumstances of its clients. This personalized approach ensures that every client receives the attention and guidance required for a successful visa application.

What We Will Do For You

HkPro Business Solutions Limited provides a One-Stop-Shop for Overseas Entrepreneurs desiring to relocate to Hong Kong on an Investment Visa application.
Our investment visa Hong Kong consultants recognize that every company is unique. They will analyze all incoming cases and tailor a solution to each client’s requirements.
Before applying for a investment visa Hong Kong, Overseas Entrepreneurs must fulfill all the investment visa Hong Kong requirements. We offer complimentary pre-investment visa application consultancy services to evaluate your situation and determine the likelihood of the success rate of your case.
When businesses begin to operate in Hong Kong, we will move on to the most crucial step of the entire procedure, which is the investment visa application procedure.

Key Features and Benefits of Holding an Investment Visa in Hong Kong

Business Freedom: The investment visa Hong Kong grants individuals the freedom to establish and manage their own business in Hong Kong. This autonomy is a key feature that attracts entrepreneurs seeking a dynamic environment for their ventures.

Access to Hong Kong’s Robust Economy: Hong Kong’s economy, characterized by its low taxation, free-market policies, and global connectivity, offers a lucrative landscape for investors. Holding an investment visa Hong Kong opens doors to tapping into this robust economic ecosystem.

Residence Privileges: Beyond business opportunities, the investment visa Hong Kong affords holders the right to reside in Hong Kong. This provides a sense of stability and facilitates long-term engagement in business activities.

Eligibility for Dependent Visas: Investment visa Hong Kong holders may extend the privileges to their dependents, allowing their families to accompany them and enjoy the benefits of residing in Hong Kong.

Renewable and Extendable: The investment visa Hong Kong is typically granted for an initial period, after which it can be renewed and extended, allowing entrepreneurs to sustain and grow their business ventures in Hong Kong.

Different Types of Investment Visas Application Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers various types of Investment Visa Application Hong Kong tailored to meet the diverse needs of entrepreneurs and investors. Understanding these visa categories is crucial for applicants seeking to align their specific circumstances with the appropriate visa type:
Entrepreneur Visa (Investment as Entrepreneurs)
This visa is designed for individuals who plan to establish or join a business in Hong Kong, contributing to the local economy through entrepreneurial activities.
Investment as Investors Visa
Catering to investors, this visa type is suitable for those who wish to make substantial investments in Hong Kong, either by investing in a local business or participating in the General Employment Policy.
Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) Investment Visa

The QMAS Investment Visa is part of the broader Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, attracting high-quality individuals to contribute to Hong Kong's development. It is designed for professionals and entrepreneurs with significant achievements and a strong commitment to the city.

Streamlined Entry: TTAS employment visa offers a fast-track admission process for eligible technology talent, making it easier for them to contribute to Hong Kong's tech ecosystem.

Support for Technology Companies: By facilitating the entry of tech professionals, TTAS supports the growth of technology companies in Hong Kong.

Flexibility for Dependents: The scheme allows dependents to accompany successful applicants, enhancing the attractiveness for tech talent.

Technology Talent Admission Scheme (TechTAS) Investment Visa
This specialized visa caters to individuals in the technology sector, encouraging the inflow of tech talent to further enhance Hong Kong's innovation and technology landscape.

Eligibility Investment Visa Application Hong Kong

To qualify for the investment visa Hong Kong, the investment visa applicant must meet each of the five eligibility requirements listed below:
  • The applicant must not have any records of serious offenses/crimes or security objections;
  • The applicant must demonstrate that they have at least a tertiary education (applicants with a secondary education will still be considered if they can provide relevant proof of work experience).
  • The applicant must be able to speak fluent English.
  • The applicant must demonstrate that their company’s contribution to the economy of Hong Kong will be substantial.
  • The applicant’s company has been established in Hong Kong.
The Hong Kong Immigration Department will require your management experience and business plan documentation to be provided. Additional information, such as evidence of your finances and initial investment, would also be required.

Processing time for a Investment Visa application Hong Kong

Navigating the bureaucracy of investment visa Hong Kong applications is a crucial aspect for individuals seeking to invest and establish themselves in the thriving business environment of Hong Kong. One of the key considerations for investment visa Hong Kong applicants is understanding the processing time involved in securing a investment visa Hong Kong. This comprehensive guide sheds light on the standard timelines and factors influencing the duration of the application process.

Standard Processing Time

The standard processing time for a Hong Kong Investment Visa application, as handled by the Immigration Department, typically ranges between four to six weeks. This timeframe is essential for investment visa Hong Kong applicants to factor into their plans, ensuring a smooth transition into Hong Kong for business purposes.

Factors Influencing Processing Time

Several factors contribute to the processing time of an Investment Visa application. It’s essential to be aware of these elements to better understand the potential duration of the application process:

Application Completeness: The completeness of the submitted application plays a crucial role in expediting the processing time. Ensuring all required documents and information are provided at the time of submission helps minimize delays.

Accuracy of Information: Accuracy is paramount in investment visa applications. Any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the provided information can lead to additional scrutiny, potentially extending the processing time.

Immigration Department Workload: The workload and volume of applications received by the Immigration Department can impact processing times. During peak periods, such as the beginning of the academic year or certain business seasons, there might be a higher influx of applications.

Specialized Visa Categories: Certain visa categories, such as the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS) Investment Visa or the Technology Talent Admission Scheme (TechTAS) Investment Visa, may have specific requirements or additional processing steps, influencing the overall processing time.

Documentation Verification: The verification of submitted investment visa documents, especially those related to financial statements, business plans, and proof of investment, may require additional time. Thorough documentation verification is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the visa system.

Tips to Expedited Processing

While the standard processing time provides a general framework, applicants can take proactive steps to expedite their Hong Kong Investment Visa application:

Thorough Preparation: Ensure all required documents are thoroughly prepared and organized before submission. This includes financial statements, business plans, proof of investment, and any additional documents specific to the chosen visa category.

Professional Assistance: Engaging the services of a professional immigration consultant, such as HKPro, can streamline the application process. Professionals with experience in Hong Kong visa applications can guide applicants through the nuances, minimizing errors and delays.

Early Application Submission: Submitting the investment visa application well in advance of the intended travel or business commencement date allows for ample processing time. Early submission provides a buffer for any unforeseen delays and ensures a smoother overall process.

Investment Visa Application Process: A Step-by-Step Guide by HKPro

Hong Kong’s Investment Visa offers a gateway for individuals seeking to invest and establish themselves in the vibrant business landscape of the city. Navigating the application process efficiently is crucial for a successful outcome. This comprehensive guide, presented by HKPro, outlines a step-by-step approach to the Investment Visa application process, ensuring clarity and understanding for prospective investors.

Pre-Service Consultation 

Importance of Consultation: Before diving into the application process, a pre-service consultation with HKPro is recommended. This initial step serves as a vital opportunity for prospective investors to gain insights into the intricacies of the Investment Visa application. During the consultation, clients can discuss their investment plans, understand visa requirements, and assess their eligibility.

Customized Guidance: HKPro’s expert consultants provide personalized investment visa guidance based on the client’s specific situation. This includes clarifying visa categories, outlining necessary documentation, and addressing any queries or concerns.

Documents Preparation 

Documentation Requirements: Once the pre-service consultation is complete, the next step involves the meticulous preparation of required documents. The Investment Visa application demands a comprehensive set of documents to support the investor’s case. Key documents include:

  • Proof of Investment: Detailed investment visa documentation showcasing the nature, scale, and purpose of the intended investment in Hong Kong.
  • Financial Statements: Providing evidence of the financial standing and capability to undertake the proposed investment.
  • Business Plan: Outlining the business activities, market analysis, and projected outcomes.

Our Assistance

HKPro plays a crucial role in guiding clients through the investment visa document preparation phase. The team ensures that all required documents are compiled accurately and adhere to the Immigration Department’s standards.

Case Presentation and Submission to Immigration

Crafting a Persuasive Case: The success of an Investment Visa application often hinges on the effectiveness of the case presentation. HKPro assists clients in crafting a persuasive case by emphasizing the positive impact of their investment on Hong Kong’s economy, job market, or innovation landscape.

Submission Process: Once the case is meticulously prepared, HKPro facilitates the submission to the Immigration Department. Timely and precise investment visa submission is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of the overall process.

Visa Collection and Application Completion

Timely Visa Collection: Upon approval, HKPro ensures the timely collection of the Investment Visa. This includes coordinating with relevant authorities to expedite the visa issuance process.

Post-Approval Assistance: HKPro continues to assist clients even after investment visa approval. This may involve investment visa guidance on relocation, compliance with visa conditions, or addressing any post-approval requirements.

Investment Visa Application Hong Kong Frequently Asked Questions

Investment visa Hong Kong applicants must provide a comprehensive business plan and evidence that the company will be able to make a significant contribution to the economy of Hong Kong. Additionally, the investment visa Hong Kong applicant needs to be the primary shareholder in the company.

The investment visa application only applies to PRC passport holders if the applicant holds a third-country permanent residence status or has resided in a foreign country for at least one year before submitting the investment visa.

Also, investment visa Hong Kong applicants from the following countries would not be applicable would not be eligible for a investment visa Hong Kong:

Afghanistan, Cuba, Laos, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Nepal, and Vietnam;

When foreign professionals can significantly contribute to Hong Kong’s economy, they may be considered favorably for the investment visa application in Hong Kong. Actual potential contributions can be evaluated using a business plan, business turnover, financial resources, investment amount, number of local jobs created for Hong Kong residents, and the introduction of new technology or skills.

Applicants wishing to join the business community or establish a new business in Hong Kong must provide a two-year business plan when they apply for the Hong Kong investment visa. It should inform the company’s nature, market analysis, market positioning, business direction, sales goals, product marketing strategy, and other aspects of the business plan.

Additionally, the applicant must submit within the Hong Kong investment visa application a two-year projection of the income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet. This information is intended to demonstrate that the company is suited to and capable of expanding in Hong Kong and is critical for the success of the Hong Kong investment visa application.

The Hong Kong Immigration Department may consider whether the investment visa applicant’s business belongs to or complements industries where Hong Kong typically enjoys substantial advantages. These industries comprise the four traditional pillar industries: commerce and logistics, tourism, financial services, and professional and producer services. The industries may also consist of the four clusters of sectors: transportation, convention and exhibition, tourism, manufacturing, innovative technology and cultural and creative industries, and professional services.

In the event that the applicant is granted an Investment Visa, the holder of the visa will be eligible for the following benefits:

The holder of this visa is granted permission to run their enterprises in Hong Kong, provided such approval is granted by the Director of Immigration. Suppose the holders of the visa are not permanent residents of Hong Kong. In that case, the approved investment visa grants the holders the ability to re-enter Hong Kong without the need for a separate re-entry visa. Within the preceding four weeks of the initial investment visa’s expiration date, an investment visa application for an extension of stay may be submitted. In accordance with the laws of Hong Kong, visa holders who have been living in the territory for at least seven years are eligible to submit an investment visa application for the right of residence.

Our immigration advisors are dedicated to guiding you throughout the entire process of applying for an investment visa application Hong Kong. First and foremost, before you begin the process of applying for an investment visa, we will give visa consultation services to examine your circumstances and determine the probability that your investment visa application Hong Kong will be accepted. This consultation service is provided at no additional cost. It enables us to determine the likelihood of your case being successful. After that, we will make a document checklist that is specific to your case and completely unique to it. Following the collection of the essential papers, we will assist the applicant in completing the appropriate immigration paperwork to the best of her ability. Afterward, we will send the required documentation to the Immigration Department for processing. To facilitate the application process for investment visas, document templates and other forms of application documentation should be made available. After the investment visa application has been sent in, we will carefully monitor the situation and inform the applicant of any developments.

Securing an Investment Visa in Hong Kong involves meeting specific eligibility criteria outlined by the Immigration Department. The primary requisites include:

  • Substantial Investment: Applicants must showcase a robust investment plan in a business that significantly contributes to Hong Kong’s economic landscape.
  • Comprehensive Business Plan: A detailed business plan outlining the nature, scale, and purpose of the investment is a crucial requirement.
  • Financial Capability: Demonstrating the financial capacity to undertake and sustain the proposed investment.
  • Proof of Investment: Investment Visa Documents validating the substantial investment and its intended impact on the local economy.
  • Business Plan: A comprehensive Investment Visa plan detailing the proposed business’s operations, goals, and economic contribution.
  • Financial Statements: Providing evidence of the Investment Visa applicant’s financial standing and capability to support the investment.

Standard Processing Time

The standard processing time for an Investment Visa application submitted to the Immigration Department is typically four to six weeks.

Factors Influencing Processing Time

Several factors may impact the processing time, including the complexity of the case, sufficiency of documentation, and any additional information requested by the Immigration Department.

Yes, an Investment Visa holder can include their spouse and unmarried dependent children under the age of 18 in the application.

Upon approval of the primary applicant’s Investment Visa, eligible dependents can concurrently apply for Dependent Visas. This allows them to reside in Hong Kong and, if desired, take up employment or study.

Yes, individuals currently residing in Hong Kong on a different visa category may explore the option of switching to an Investment Visa.

Eligibility for conversion depends on meeting the Investment Visa requirements, including a substantial investment plan and adherence to immigration guidelines.