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Our Story

Founded in 2016, HkPro Business Solutions specializes in visa and immigration consultancy with a presence in Hong Kong. We combine innovation and technology to provide professional services with a particular focus on helping companies to bring their talents to come and work in Hong Kong.

HkPro Business Solutions provides best-in-class services for businesses looking to operate in Hong Kong. We offer a diverse range of visa and immigration services, including employment visa, investment visa, dependency visa, training visa, and China visa. HkPro Business Solutions is able to provide a holistic and comprehensive suite of services to our clients.

Our consultants have over 15+ years of experience in the industry, and is experiencing rapid growth with business partners and supporting networks.

Our Mission

We strive to establish a secure and rewarding partnership with our customers to enable successful business operations within the business environment in Hong Kong.

We are strongly committed to providing response and proactive communication, with the use of cutting-edge technologies across a suite of professional services. Our automated and proactive messaging tools encourages autonomy and your comfort that you are on top of the entire visa application process.

Our Core Values

Our principles are fundamental to our ability to collaborate in the most productive and satisfying manner.

We Value Integrity

We strive to give good knowledge and assistance while adhering to the highest professional standards in our industry. We endeavor to retain our practice’s integrity and independence.

We Value Professionalism

We approach our job and interactions with others with a respectful and upbeat attitude. We strive to fulfill our clients’ expectations at all times, such that our clients would always enjoy the greatest chance of success in their cases.

We Value Teamwork

We strive to bring out the best in one another and to build solid, productive connections with both our coworkers and clients.